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Marketing Your Small Business With Your Blog

For those who have a small business, you know that a sizable part of your business is through word of mouth. Today, word of mouth is greatly expanded through social networking. Create a blog site and let folks get to know you personally, as a business owner and as a person. Or use Twitter to reach out to folks who would not have the chance to walk past your store or shop. Or place a video on YouTube that entertains and informs. Marketing opportunities abound and they do not cost anything except your time.

Do not you love doing business with those who remember your name? That is what social media can market. It makes you available to your clients and gives you a way to get to know them.

I used to go to Boston each month in my previous corporate life and would stay at the Four Seasons (thanks to a client’s discount!). It became my Boston house for a few years (yeah, I know. . .tough job!)

However, if the price went up and I could no longer justify it I stopped staying there. About a year after they had a special promotion so I gladly made a reservation, and when I checked in at The Four Seasons they greeted me like a long-lost relative. When I walked into my room a busboy handed me in the hallway and without missing a beat said, “Miss Hoffman, how nice to see you again.” That is customer service!

And that is what social media can do for your small company. It offers you a forum to inform people how they can benefit from the service/product, and it enables people to let you know what’s important to them. Once that dialogue starts you get to know your clients and they will keep coming back. And it’s not confined to local people; social media reaches every corner of the planet.

None of this will take place immediately so don’t be discouraged if you do not see instant results, but keep at it. Post regularly on your site, make it interesting and applicable. Give it a go. Use social media to advertise your small company. What have you got to lose?