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Always Be Giving

Giving Will Make You Rich

From the book “Prosperity Secrets of the Ages” by Catherine Ponder, it says a deep secret: “The supreme prosperity secret of the ages is that your giving can make you rich!” This secret has been handed down from the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Arabians, Greeks, Romans and the Chinese.

A number of our modern millionaires like the Colgate, Heinz, Kraft and Rockefeller families all used this prosperity secret. They charge this secret as the formulation which brought them wealth.

In early Christian times, the families not only gave 10 percent of the money but also 10 percent of the crops and livestock. Unfortunately, the contemporary average in America appears to be closer to 2.6% than 10%.

The question is do we give to charity and the church after we’ve paid all of our other invoices and needs or do we department off the charity contribution first and then pay the rest of the expenses. Most people today pay themselves first and if there’s nothing left for charity, then so be it.

The prosperity secret of giving requires that we provide that part first. I do grant that there’s ample discussion about whether it’s a percentage of their gross income or a portion of their net income. In the event of business, it’s often accepted to provide a proportion of their net profit. Relative to the private income, it seems more suitable to provide a percentage of their gross income.

Divine order will shower you with wealth in both expected and unexpected ways when you put contributing as first on the list. This is a giving world. You’ve always heard that it’s more blessed to give than to receive, but how many of you really feel that principle and practice it?

“The ancients, who understood the wisdom of the ages, known the nature of universal substance from which all wealth is created,” related Catherine Ponder. Ancient wealth was made by giving with the understanding that this lending created a vacuum that material rushed in to fill.

“Giving so as to make space to receive is a scientific method that always works to flourish those who use it consistently.” Prosperity Secrets of the Ages.

An additional secret is that you need to do it consistently. It’s like bathing, it has to be done on a really frequent and regular basis. You may both surprise and pleasure yourself and you bank accounts. Giving with a joyous heart and willing spirit will make you wealthy.